Custom Build Projects

The Hydrovane Air End is an incredibly versatile piece of Engineering, providing trouble free operation in the most challenging of environments.
There are occasions when our customers require a custom build project for a specialist application. Hydrovane has many years of proven experience in being able to deliver to our customers exact requirements covering a wide range of performance from 1.1 kW (1.5 hp) up to 75 kW (100 hp).
Our custom build project team works closely with our customers in developing special build solutions on time and to budget. Our specialist projects can cover either Air Ends or complete packaged solutions.

Build – Air End / Air End & Motor / 50 or 60 Hz / Alternative cooler options (Air & Oil) / Colour
Air End – 50 or 60 Hz / 6 – 10 bar / Alternative lubricants / Temperature protection / Remote air intake filtration
Drives – Electric / Hydraulic / PTO
Voltages – AC (110 V to 460 V) / DC (72 V to 750 V)
Motors – 50 or 60 Hz / Class F, H or Inverter / EXN / Flange options / Shaft options
Starter – Special / Removed / Terminal box / Supplied Loose / Soft start / Star Delta or DOL / Auto restart
Anti-condensation Heaters – Motor
Accessory Kits – Aftercooler / Low duty usage
Dryers – Desiccant / Membrane / Refrigerant
Receivers – Alternative volumes
Configuration – Duplex / Specific customer footprint

Hydrovane – The perfect compressor to be customised!

Custom Solution for Alcoa

NSP Example – Aluminium Smelting Plant Gantry Crane
Highly Aggressive Ambient Environmental Conditions (High Temperature / Contaminated Atmosphere)

Hydrovane has developed many proven solutions for many industry applications including transport, gas boosting and snow production to name a few.

Whatever the application, talk to us, we have the experience and the expertise to provide the personal service required to meet your specialist application.