High Capacity – RHC Series

The RHC Series High Capacity refrigerated dryers from Gardner Denver offer plant engineers two unique opportunities to improve the bottom line.  Specify a dryer for your facility with a 1 psi pressure drop and one which uses semi-hermetic refrigeration compressors with unloading capabilities under partial loads.  Because of the ability to select a dryer with a low pressure drop and one with specific unloading capabilities, the RHC Series offers you energy savings.


  • 2000 – 20000 SCFM
  • Maximum Working Pressure: 175 PSIG standard; 750 PSIG on smaller models
  • Maximum Inlet Temperature: 130°F, higher temperatures available
  • +38°F Dew Point
  • Integrated Grade B (3micron) Filtering – Standard
  • Three Automatic Zero-Loss Drains
  • Pressure drop adjustable to reduce air compressor power consumption

Design Advantages

  • ASME certified shell and tube air-to-air heat exchangers.
  • ASME certified air to refrigerant heat exchangers
  • Rugged semi-hermetic discus compressor ensure stable dew points
  • Integral FIL series Grade B Separator/Filter (3 micron and bulk liquid) handle inlet liquid loading up to 25,000 ppm w/w
  • PLC based instrumentation
  • Three automatic condensate drains to assure condensate discharge from the dryer

RHC Series Refrigerated Dryers Brochure