Power Generation

Reciprocating Air-Cooled Air Compressors - Power Generation

Reciprocating Air-Cooled Air Compressors

Power Generation

An integral feature of any electricity power generation, transmission or distribution system is a compressor, ensuring the continuity of supply on demand. Failure or maintenance downtime of the compressor can have dire consequences on the supply side of electricity.

Gardner Denver Belliss & Morcom understands this basic fact, which is why our compressors are designed for specific applications within the industry. Continuous technological advances have created easy to maintain units capable of unmanned operation with low noise output. Our compressors are rugged, require minimum maintenance and are above all reliable.

Hydro-Electric – Water Turbines

  • Pump storage turbine de-watering- pumping and condenser synchronization mode
  • Surge suppression-upstream avoidance of water hammer
  • Hydraulic governor controls-valve operation, wicket gate and turbine blade positioning
  • Water aeration-cavitation and vibration control
  • Brakes-with the turbines or generator

Transmission and Distribution

  • Air blast switch-gear-arc-quenching
  • Mechanism operation
  • Breaker air conditioning and insulation
  • Diesel engine or generator air start
  • Distribution airboards