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Natural Gas Compressors

CNG Compressors

  • Established and Well Proven Track Record With over 100 years of compressor design and 30 years of supplying CNG stations, GD Belliss & Morcom is able to demonstrate product reliability.
  • Original Equipment Manufacturer – As the original manufacturer of the natural gas compressor and associated equipment, GD Belliss & Morcom is able to offer a total warranty package.
  • Range of natural gas refueling stations with a range of packages from 15-2000 m3/hr the standard product is capable of supporting car, bus and truck natural gas refueling.
  • Low Suction Pressures – Today the natural gas station must be installed at a location best suited to the customer. Often the only economic solution is to connect to the nearest low-pressure gas main. We can provide a solution to accommodate the lowest natural gas pressures.
  • Packages designed to meet local regulations – With final assembly plants around the world we are able to offer cost effective solutions designed to meet local regulations.
  • Consultancy – CNG natural gas station installations require careful analysis of the interface between existing location and the new equipment. Our engineering team is able to offer assistance with all aspects of the installation design process.