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Reciprocating Air-Cooled Air Compressors

Breathing Air Compressors

The Gardner Denver range of breathing air equipment combines the attributes of efficient performance, simple use and reliability.  Designed with the professional user in mind, all of our equipment is built to a quality standard second to none.

Gardner Denver breathing air equipment is used in the following applications :

  • Fire and rescue services
  • Army, Navy and Air force
  • Chemical, Petrochemical and Oil refineries
  • Airports
  • Power Stations
  • Offshore oil and gas platforms
  • Commercial diving and dive support vessels

Associated Equipment

Breathing Air Filtration

The importance of air purity in breathing air systems cannot be over stressed. The presence of contaminants such as Carbon Monoxide, Carbon Dioxide, Oil and Water in the air stream can be hazardous or even lethal. The acceptable level of contamination in breathing air are defined in a number of international standards.

Through use of advanced design and choice of filtration media, we surpass all recognised international standards. The choice of filtration system varies with the size and expected use of the breathing air equipment. All of our charging sets come with their own filtration system, sized to suit the flow.

Stand alone filtration systems are available for use in areas of special needs

Charging Panels

The charging panel provides the link between the breathing air compressor and the cylinders or equipment.

For the Premiair unit, charging panels are available either for set mounting or for remote mounting. The remote mount type panels are suitable for use with any breathing air compressor.

Our `Charge air’ type charging panels are fitted with lever type charging valves. These provide a open/close and connection vent in one simple lever action. The charging connectors are available with either rigid or flexible hose connections

Charging Sets

The Gardner Denver range of charging sets are designed to provide safe, efficient filling of breathing air systems and cylinders

  • Our charging sets are designed to incorporate the features of; reliability, simple installation, easy operation and low maintenance.
  • Two equipment ranges for differing needs: the BP range for rugged, portable applications and, the `Premiair’ range for heavy duty, high volume applications.
  • Charging sets incorporate our own compressor blocks. These blocks have been specifically developed for breathing air applications and are in use in thousands of units worldwide.
  • Low cost consumables for inexpensive maintenance
  • Easy change air filtration units ensure that air delivered to the breathing air equipment complies with all international breathing air standards.
  • All products are designed and manufactured in accordance with quality standard ISO 9001:2001