Filters & Separators

Gardner Denver Air Filters

  • Filters - FIL Series

    Filters – FIL Series

    Gardner Denver FIL Series Filters are built with quality in every housing. Filters range from 20-21250 scfm. The seven filtration grades provide ISO 8573.1 standard air quality.

  • Filters - FSG Series

    Filters – FSG Series

    Gardner Denver has developed an innovative filter design for the compressed air filtration market.  These filters have an element secured in a canister housing, similar to an automotive oil filter, which eliminates complications while changing the element. FSG Series filters have a flow range of 20-350 SCFM.

  • High Pressure - FHP Series

    High Pressure – FHP Series

    Gardner Denver FHP coalescing filters remove wWater droplets and solid particles to 0.01 micron.  The flow range for the five grades of filtration in the FHP Series product line range from 480-28,380 SCFM.

  • Mist Eliminators - FME Series

    Mist Eliminators – FME Series

    Gardner Denver FME Series Mist Eliminators provide extra protection, capture and retain large slugs of oil and water, protects downstream equipment from contamination should oil separator on rotary screw compressor fail, increase the life of pneumatic equipment, helps eliminate paint appearance and adhesion problems, and keeps pneumatic instruments operating.