L50, L80 & L140, RS

Main_pic-l50-l80-l140Well known in the industry for quality and reliability CompAir continuously develops the L-Series achieving cutting edge performance and efficiency. The premium efficiency range L50, L80 and the new L140 feature an extra large airend contributing to typically 8% energy cost savings.

The screw compression element is the heart of the compressor and therefore CompAir keeps the design and manufacture in-house, using the latest CNC rotor grinding machinery, coupled with online laser technology.

The resulting reliability and performance ensure that operating costs will remain low throughout the compressors life.

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CompAir L-Series – Technical Data

L50, L80 & L140

Compressor Model Nominal Pressure Drive Motor FAD 1 Noise Level 2 Weight Dimensions

L x W x H
[bar g] [kW] [m3/min] [dB(A)] [kg] [mm]
L50 7.5 45 8.67 67 1055 1722 x 920 x 1659
10 7.40
L80 7.5 75 14.72 69 2010 2158 x 1223 x 1971
10 12.26
L140 7.5 132 24.65 73 3254 2337 x 1368 x 2039
10 21.59

Integrated dryer option

Compressor Model Integrated Dryer Option Weight
L50 F45E (L50F) 120
L80 F75E (L80F) 139

Heat Recovery Performance Data

Compressor Model Water flow rate Outlet Temperature Typical Energy Saving
Litre / hr [oC] kW
L50 1770 708 45 75 41.0
L80 2796 1116 45 75 64.8
L140 4782 1914 45 75 110.8

The above table is dependent on the site conditions and shows examples of kW savings at stated water temperature rises. CompAir’s energy recovery system offers saving on a wide range of inlet and outlet temperatures. For alternative temperatures please contact your local CompAir representative.

1 Data measured and stated in accordance with ISO 1217 Edition 4, Annex C & E at the following conditions:
Air Intake Pressure 1 bar A / 14.5 psi, Air Intake Temperature 20°C / 68°F, Humidity 0% (dry)

2 Measured in free field conditions in accordance with ISO 2151, tolerance ± 3dB(A)

Delcos XL innovative touch screen compressor controller

DELCOS3100_Steuerung_GBThe Delcos XL with its high resolution touch screen display is extremely user-friendly and self-explanatory. All functions are clearly structured in five main menus and are intuitively visual. The multilingual Delcos XL control system ensures reliable operation and protects your investment by continuously monitoring the operational parameters, which is essential for reducing your running costs.

Features & functions

  • Home Page – instant overview of the compressor status
  • Real Time Clock – allows pre-setting of compressor starting/stopping
  • Second Pressure Setting
  • Integrated Cooling and Dryer Control
  • Fault History Log – for in-depth analysis
  • Remote Control via Programmable Inputs
  • Auto Restart after Power Failure
  • Optional Base Load Sequencing
  • SD Card – stores several run characteristics

Trend diagrams

With the ability to display detailed system analysis in the form of trend diagrams and graphs, operating parameters can be precisely set to maximise efficiency.

  • Line / Network Pressure
  • Motor Speed (Regulated Speed)
  • On Load Hours / Total Hours Run & Average Volume Flow
  • Weekly Average Volume Flow

DesignThe compressors of this range are equipped with a larger airend making them outstanding in efficiency. Thanks to the reduced rotational speed, significant energy savings can be achieved. Furthermore, the noise level is reduced.

The innovative design of the fail safe shaft seal, integrated oil filter and oil regulation valve, ensures external hoses are reduced to a minimum to guarantee highest levels of quality and reliability are achieved.

This range of compressors features an extra large airend with optimised rotor tip speed and achieves up to 8% energy savings.


  • Less energy costs
  • Lower noise levels
  • Lower total cost of ownership
  • Lower maintenance costs
  • Short payback time