Water injected rotaryscrew compressor

CompAir DH – 100% air purity that meets stringent quality standards


The DH series contains absolutely no oil anywhere in the compressor and has been certified ISO 8573-1 Class Zero (2010) and silicone free.

The unique design achieves lower speeds combined with lower operating temperatures – both resulting in high efficiency and reduced component wear. Using a single-stage, direct-driven motor without gears or belts, maximises efficiency. Limiting the compressed air to the application demand with regulated speed ensures that no energy is wasted.

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CompAir DH — Technical Data

Fixed Speed — Air and Water Cooled

Model Cooling Method Motor Rating

Working Pressure

[bar g]
Free Air Delivered1

Dimensions L x W x H

Noise Level2


8 bar g 10 bar g
D15H Air 15 8 10 2.30 1.80 1345 x 880 x 1612 68 672
Water 65 624
D22H Air 22 8 10 3.50 2.89 1345 x 880 x 1612 68 691
Water 65 643
D37H Air 37 8 10 5.86 5.04 1722 x 920 x 1659 71 960
Water 61 860

Regulated Speed — Air and Water Cooled

Model Cooling Method Motor Rating

Working Pressure

[bar g]
Free Air Delivered1

L x W x H

Noise Level2

[db(A) 70% load]



Min.Max.Min.Max.D15H RSAir155100.322.341345 x 880 x 161267687Water64639D22H RSAir225100.683.451345 x 880 x 161267687Water64658D37H RSAir375101.096.871722 x 920 x 165971995Water60895D50H RSAir455101.177.642158 x 1412 x 1971731570Water1490D75H RSAir755101.7211.392158 x 1412 x 1971751890Water1810D110H RSWater1105103.0418.552158 x 1412 x 1971722200


1 Data measured and stated in accordance with ISO 1217 Edition 4, Annex C & E at the following conditions:
Air Intake Pressure 1 bar A / 14.5 psi, Air Intake Temperature 20°C / 68°F, Humidity 0% (dry)

2 Measured in free field conditions in accordance with ISO 2151, tolerance ± 3dB(A)

Delcos XL touch-screen controller

DH-Controller-PanelThe multilingual Delcos XL control system ensures reliable operation and protects your investment by continuously monitoring the operational parameters, which is essential for reducing cost of ownership.

  • Precise monitoring for exceptional operational reliability
    • Ambient pressure and temperature
    • Inlet and outlet pressure and temperature at both stages
    • Network pressure and temperature
    • Oil / water pressure and temperature
    • Oil / water level
    • … and many more
  • High resolution, easy-to-use touch-screen panel
  • User-friendly clear menu structure
  • Integrated SD card for in-depth analysis of monitored machine parameters
  • Trend diagrams for
    • Network pressure
    • Motor speed (regulated speed models)
    • On load hours / total running hours and average volume flow
    • Weekly average volume flow
  • Optional base load sequencing

DH compressors have significantly fewer moving parts than comparable machines, meaning there is less to go wrong, while lower speeds and balanced bearing loads extend the compression element service life for low-cost operation.

With exceptionally low running temperatures of less than 60°C near isothermal compression is achieved. This also eliminates the need of an internal aftercooler and associates power consumption reducing pressure drop to the minimum.

The compression loads are balanced resulting in low bearing loads and highest reliability:

The tried and tested reverse osmosis filtration provides high quality purified water to lubricate, seal and cool the compression process. Using a permeate pump the water required is reduced to a minimum.



  • Single-stage, direct-driven compression element maximises efficiency and minimises maintenance
  • High quality water injection lubricates, cools and seals the compression process, maximising efficiency
  • No gearbox means no need for associated oil lubrication
  • Low bearing loads and low speeds mean sealed-for-life bearings can be used, requiring no oil lubrication
  • Regulated speed technology available to reduce energy costs
  • Comprehensive control ensures safe and reliable operation and includes remote communication capability
  • Fully packaged and silenced enclosure reduces noise and simplifies installation