Lubricated Reciprocating Compressors Providing a Range of Flows and Pressures

Reavell, R Series and V Compact use lubricating compressors in normal operating circumstances. Lubricating oil in reciprocating compressors is a vital ingredient in maintaining the compressor’s performance.

Inside the compressor the oil has to perform a wide range of tasks.

To perform these many tasks, the oil has to be transported to the right areas within the

reciprocating compressor.

Lubricated Compressors from Gardner Denver and Reavell

There are two methods of moving the oil inside the compressor, these are:

  • Splash lubrication
  • Pressure lubrication

All Reavell, R Series and V Compact compressors are designed and tested to ensure the best lubrication method is used for your application. Having the right Gardner Denver lubrication will ensure you minimise wear, have trouble-free compressor operation and maximise component life.

Our organisation offers a comprehensive range of high pressure technology systems dedicated to deliver class-leading compression options and our global application engineers would be delighted to discuss your specific requirements with you.